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Spishy Ru Homework Books 235 Area

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  Chad Republic

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235 Middle Country Rd
Selden, NY11784
(631) 696-6991

I've visited here about 5 times in the past few years, and while the store is generally fairly large, with a pretty respectable selection of comics, my primary complaint is with the obviously jacked up prices - they are the *MOST EXPENSIVE* I've seen from ANY toy shop I've been to, even toy shopping I've done in New York City! All new comics are sold at regular retail prices as marked on each comic by the manufacturer, which is fine (despite the fact that ALL of the larger graphic novels can be found on the internet for cheaper), and there are even older comics in the back, a bunch actually selling for a mere 25 cents each! Granted, those are VERY old and unpopular comics, but if you find something you like, you just can't beat paying a quarter for a comic. Also there is a pretty big Star Wars stuff stocked, opened loose figures and very old toys and toy playsets. These are items I haven't seen in many other stores. In terms of the employees, about half the times I've been in there have I been offered help, the other times the guys just wait for me to come to them, but I've never experienced rudeness while there. Still, they COULD be friendlier to new customers. Minor complaint, really. The older guys seem VERY friendly with the more regulars or townies. Anyway, that's pretty much it for positives, which there are a few. On the negative, the price gouging is absolutely appalling to me, and I don't really plan on ever visiting this store again because after being there a few times, it is obvious they will never change. Sure they may do a sale where they take off 25% from comics or toys, but even then the toys are STILL overpriced. Buyer beware when there is no toy sale, because even those Pop Funko toys sell for a ridiculous $14.99 each! $14.99?? For a Pop Funko figure?? I have NEVER seen that price for those ANYWHERE! Even Barnes & Noble has some for only $8.95. Not only that, but the more collectible figures sell for at LEAST $5-$8 more than what ANY other place has them for. Being in there just today, I found only ONE figure that was a deal, that being an Austin Powers toy for $9.99. That's it. Everything else sells for about what you'd see it on ebay or Amazon, and many even more than that. Personally, i HATE when stores do that. It makes no common sense. WHY sell your toys for the SAME price as online (and most with bent up, dusty, dirty and far from mint boxes), when you are ALSO charging tax?? Don't you realize that people can JUST get them online instead?? That old excuse of "well, that's what they're worth/we sell at market value" is a piss poor excuse for an actual physical store. Just because they SELL them for that much online doesn't make it their exact "worth." Moreover, many people who buy online do so because they have no store in their physical area. It's not done with any sense of tact there either. No way I'm paying $35 + tax for a Terminator 2 90s-era 5-inch John Connor with a simple back card. Lower your prices because they are obscene.

First time I went it was a bit crowded and the staff was okay. The two star removal comes from the back issues that they charge double then do a 50% off to make you think you're getting a good deal when in actuality you're paying full price or a tad bit less. I only came here because I didn't feel like taking the train to Manhattan, I'll be back if I'm in the area. If you're a Long Island native then you should check it out, however I wouldn't recommend anyone traveling more than 30 minutes to come here. It's not really worth the trip.

Hey guys sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but hopefully I can stay on track from now on. Anyway this comic shop is ok. I gave it a 2 because there is only one person that works there, they have damaged comics and graphic novels up on the shelfs. And they have maybe 25% of the new releases. The only up side is that it is in a fairly good location. (More reviews to come)!!!!!!!!

Pretty mediocre. They only have the higher selling titles generally. And it's difficult to find what you're looking for. Also sometimes there's a cat wandering around.

I shopped at this comic store from elementary school through early high school. Then I stopped collecting comics in order to increase my appeal to the ladies. (Hint, loyal readers, it didn't work! - Smilin' Stan Lee) I started up again in the middle of senior year of high school when I said "Ladies, be damned! Comics ARE cool!" and I continued to go here through most of college whenever I was home. The owners have always been super friendly and helpful. Even if I was the only one looking for a particular comic, they'd try to track it down for me. I highly recommend this store to any comic book reader. Despite the relative smallness of it, they always managed to have whatever I was looking for.

Vinnie is a nice enough guy -- but I feel compelled to tell this one story. I remember way back when, a bagged Wizard issue was out with some collectible card in it, and like every 25th copy had some super premium card. I went in to Golden Memories and noticed they'd unbagged every copy on the shelf and was handing out the standard card when he rung up a Wizard sale. When I asked him about it, he said "oh, some of the bags came in ripped, so we just took them off all of the issues". Now, I was born at night but it wasn't LAST night. You wouldn't unbag 50 copies because three of them had rips. He obviously was trying to steal the premium cards from the bags before his customers got them.

Was there once and whom ever was working was very unhelpful. They where more interested in watching Shaun of The Dead then helping me and my friends. Well he said he would help when the movie was over, but it was halfway in so we just left.

This is a great store. The owners are always willing to find obscure comics for you and they know their stuff. I highly recommend it to any comic book fan.

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