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Algebra 1 Assignment Simplify Each Expression Answers To Riddles


    Adding and Subtracting
    All Topics - Mixed Review
    Distance and Midpoint
    Pythagorean Theorem
    Solving Radical Equations

Adding and Subtracting:
Adding and Subtracting Like Radicals 1RiddleStudents will add or subtract two like radicals.
Adding and Subtracting Unlike Radicals 3StandardMost with 3 terms.
Adding and Subtracting Unlike Radicals 4RiddleStudents must simplify to add or subtract radicals. Some with 3 or 4 terms.
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All Topics - Mixed Review:
Radical Operations as Shaded Area ProblemsStandardStudents must use multiplication, addition and subtraction to solve shaded area problems. Assumes student knows area formulas.
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Distance and Midpoint:
Distance FormulaRiddleDistance between two points. All points are integers. Radical answers in simplest form.
Distance Formula as Perimeter ProblemsStandardGiven coordinates of a shape, students use the distance formula to calculate lengths of each side to find perimeter.
Midpoint FormulaRiddleMidpoint of two points. All points are integers. Non integer answers left as improper fractions.
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Distributive PropertyRiddleStudents will use the distributive property with numerical radicals only (no variables).
Multiplying Radicals 1RiddleStudents will multiply two numerical radicals only.
Multiplying Radicals 2RiddleStudents will multiply two radicals, single variable expressions.
Multiplying Radicals 3Color PatternSome with 3 factors, up to single variable expressions only.
Squaring Binomial RadicalsRiddleNo variables.
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Pythagorean Theorem:
A Ladder ProblemProblem SolvingCould also be solved using trig functions.
Pythagorean TheoremRiddleStudents will find missing length of right triangle. All integer answers.
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Simplify Numerical RadicalsRiddleSimplify numerical radicals only.
Simplify Numerical Radicals 2RiddleSimplify numerical radicals only.
Simplify Numerical Radicals 3RiddleSimplify numerical radicals only. These problems have numbers outside the radical.
Simplify Radical ExpressionsRiddleSingle variable radicals only.
Simplify Radical Expressions With 2 VariablesRiddleStudents will simplify radical expressions with two variables.
Simplify Radical Expressions With 3 VariablesRiddleStudents will simplify radical expressions with three variables.
Simplifying Fraction RadicalsRiddleStudents will simplify fractions with radicals. Radicals are numerical only, no variables.
Simplifying Fraction Radicals 2RiddleStudents will simplify radical fractions. single variable terms.
Simplifying Radical Expressions by Rationalizing the DenominatorRiddleMostly numerical denominators < 20, though a few have variables.
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Solving Radical Equations:
Solving Radical Equations 1RiddleSolve by isolating the radical.
Solving Radical Equations 2RiddleRadicals on both sides.
Solving Radical Equations 3RiddleEasy FOIL required to solve. Check for extraneous solutions.

Product Description

Algebra Solving Multistep Equations Practice Riddle Worksheet

This is an 15 question Riddle Practice Worksheet designed to practice and reinforce the concept of Multistep Equations to correctly use the Order of Operations to find the value of the variable. This worksheet is perfect for Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Algebra 2!

The worksheet includes :

15 questions where students are asked to solve multistep equations using the distributive formula and inverse operations (i.e. undoing multiplication with division, etc.) to find the value of the variable . Once they find the answers, they then find their answer in the answer box to solve the riddle.

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Algebra Riddle Worksheet Money Saving Bundle.
I have other fun Algebra Riddle worksheets available at:
1.Distance Formula Riddle Worksheet.
2.Solving Systems of Linear Equations Riddle Worksheet.
3.Solving Multistep Inequalities Riddle Worksheet.
4.Solving Multistep Absolute Value Equations Riddle Worksheet.
5.Changing from Standard Form to Slope Intercept Riddle Worksheet.
6.Finding Slope From Points and Tables Riddle Worksheet.
7. The Order of Operations Riddle Worksheet.
8.The Distributive Property Riddle Worksheet.
9.Evaluating Expressions Riddle Worksheet.
10.Factoring When a = 1 Riddle Worksheet.
11.Factoring When a ≠ 1 Riddle Worksheet.
12.Multiplying Binomials Riddle Worksheet.
13.Coordinate Midpoint Riddle Worksheet.
14.Coordinate Distance and Midpoint Riddle Worksheet.

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