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Beaconhouse Algc Scholarship Essays

The Scholarship & College Essay Planning Kit

Do You Need Help Writing Scholarship Essays or Writing College Essays?

Use this guide to get help NOW!

Many people hate the idea of writing scholarship essays. They find it difficult to write about certain topics and aren’t sure how to respond to essay questions. This dilemma often leads them to a case of writer’s block that never goes away.

Unfortunately, if YOU are one of those people who hate writing, you could miss many scholarship opportunities since most scholarships and awards require an essay of some kind. Refer to this guide to learn how to write winning scholarship essays!

Get beyond your writer’s block!

Stop ignoring scholarships because of essay requirements!

Or, never finishing an application because you didn’t finish the essay!

This resource includes the following tools:

Planning Tools for Your College & Scholarship Essays

Learn how to plan your scholarship essay from start to finish. Get ready to write by learning how to respond to essay questions and highlight areas in your essay designed to grab the attention of your reader or scholarship judge.

Organizing Tools for Your College & Scholarship Essays

Learn how to organize your essay logically for maximum impact and ease of writing.

Your Future Career Goals, and Writing for Specific Essay Questions

The Scholarship & Essay Planning Kit will show you the way to answering these questions and more: How do you describe an event, an extracurricular activity, or yourself in an essay? How can you make an activity or memorable event come alive for your readers and scholarship committees? How do you show action in an essay?

Choosing and Writing about Your Own Topics for Scholarship Essays

If a scholarship organization or college gives you the opportunity to choose your own topic, how do you do it? What are good topics to write about?

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If you still need additional help, consider attending The Scholarship & College Essay Writing Boot Camp, an online class. The class is led by Marianne Ragins, $400,000 scholarship winner and author.

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