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Com2602 Assignment Of Deed

COM2602/101 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student The Department of Communication Science is pleased to welcome you to the COM2602 module on Integrated Organisational Communication, and hope that you will find it both interesting and rewarding. We will do our best to make your study of this module successful and rewarding. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester and resolve to do your assignments thoroughly and timeously. You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the semester relating to COM2602. A tutorial letter is our way of communicating with you about your studies and assessment. Please join our discussions on my Unisa too to stay updated with the latest announcements, resources and information on this module! Should you experience a problem with anything other than the module content , please contact the relevant department at Unisa as outlined in Section 3 of this tutorial letter. Please ensure that you always provide your student number, the module code and your contact details when making any enquiry. We trust that you will enjoy this module and wish you all the best! 1.1 Study material Some of the study material/tutorial matter mentioned in this section may not have been available when you registered.

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