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Gordon Functional Health Case Study Template


Pattern Before Present Interpretation Analysis

1. HealthPerception-HealthManagementPatient R.B does notwant any consultationsor even go for check-ups because he thinksthat he is healthy andthere is nothing wrongwith him. He maintainsa healthy body byexercising, playingbasketball, billiards andhelping in householdchores. He easily getsbored when he is notdoing anything. He hasstarted smoking anddrinking liquor (SanMiguel beer andMarlboro Green) sincehe was 19 years old upto present. He is notallergic to any food or drug. His family doesnot have any history of hypertension, heartdisease, cancer,asthma, diabetes or even tuberculosis.Patient R.B consideredhimself a not healthyperson due to presentcondition. He wasdiagnosed "RupturedGlobe OD" and hadundergone EmergencyEnucleation OD under General Anesthesia lastDec. 21, 2007. he isexpecting to recover from his presentcondition with the help of the health care providersattending to his needs.All of the medicationsprescribed to patient R.Bare available. Currentlyhe is taking Tramadol,Amoxicillin, Moxifloxacinhydrochloride,Ciprofloxacin,Tranexamic Acid.Patient R.B cannotfunction normally likebefore because of hisconfinement and hishospital condition. Hisbody image changeddue to his accident andsurgical proceduredone.“Enucleation refers tothe surgical removal of an eye.Removal of aneye is considered adrastic and traumaticmeasure to mostpeople. Although manypatients who require thissurgery have no visionin the affected eye,those who do havevision recognize thatenucleation will result ininstantaneous,permanent, totalblindness of that eye.



Gordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns Assessment Questions


Health Perception-Health Management Patterna.

In general, how is the family’s


What do you do to stay healthy? Do you drink alcohol or use tobacco products?c.

Do you have regular check-ups with your physician and/or specialists (Pediatrician,Ob/Gyn, Cardiologist, etc.)? Do you listen to and follow any suggestions made by yourhealth care providers?2.

Nutritional-Metabolic Patterna.

Describe your


typical daily food intake? Do you consider your family healthyeaters?b.

Describe your


typical daily fluid intake? Do you drink alcohol?c.

Does anyone consider themself over or under weight? Is there any unexplained weightgain or loss?3.

Elimination Patterna.

Describe you

r family’s

regular bowel elimination pattern? Frequency? Character?Discomfort? Difficulty?b.

Describe you

r family’s

regular urinary elimination pattern? Frequency? Discomfort?Problems with control?4.

Activity-Exercise Patterna.

Do you exercise? What type? How often? If not, why?b.

What do you like to do in your spare time? What sports do you participate in?5.

Sleep-Rest Patterna.

Do you feel that you are generally well rested and able to perform your daily activities?b.

How well do you fall asleep? Stay asleep? Do you use any aids to help you sleep?c.

Do you awaken feeling rested and ready to take on the day?6.

Cognitive-Perceptual Patterna.

Does anyone have any difficulty hearing others?b.

Does anyone have difficulty seeing? Do you have routine eye exams?c.

How do you learn best? Preference for visual or audio aids? Do you have difficultylearning?7.



Self-Concept Patterna.

Most of the time, do you feel good about yourself?b.

Do you ever feel that you have lost hope?

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