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Iplan Homework App For Android

Love it! This app helps me keep my schedule organized and helps not to forget important dates in my chaotic life! Couldn't live without it!

Stephanie HaynesGoogle Play

A long time coming... But well worth the wait. Love this app and can't wait for school to start so I can start using it!

Yonatan WeissiOS App Store

Easy to use. HUGE potential. I highly recommend this for any student who finds it difficult organising assignments and find time keeping a problem.

Totally TheatreGoogle Play

Really good, I've tried a few similar study organiser apps and this was by far my favourite :)

AnonymousChrome Web Store

This app has been a life saver, no longer do I need to carry a cumbersome planner or have to switch through multiple apps to put in dates and a to-do list.

NekoChan713iOS App Store

Ever since I began using this app, I've become much more organized and on schedule with everything that I need to do. I would highly recommend this app to any student and especially college students.

AnonymousWindows 8

Not only is this app amazing at organizing all my class's and exams and assignments, but it's also free. And there is nothing to buy where you get it. It is by far the best study calendar I have ever had. I strongly recommend this.

Alexis WilsoniOS App Store

Very good app to organize my work with a clean UI. Plus the cloud sync across devices is top. The best of its category, it gets the job done.

JeremieWindows Phone

I cannot express how fulfilling it is to see a capable app in the Store to do everything this app does. You can program in a schedule and the devs actually KNOW how schools work, not just guess.

AnonymousWindows 8

You need to invest a little time to set it up but it is worth it. So far this has been an extremely handy way of keeping track of everything university related. The offline mode is invaluable.

SofianeWindows Phone

Really functional app, great layout and covers the essentials in planning for academic success. Glad I found this, it's really convenient!

BigDog1248iOS App Store

Great app, actually keeps me organised! Ability to use alternating weeks and simple interface really helps

OwenWindows Phone

The app is easy to use and its made my life a lot more organised. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who struggles to keep up with deadlines.

AnonymousWindows 8

Seriously awesome. From the concept, to the implementation- every details has been well thought of. A solid app that actually delivers.

AnonymousWindows 8

This app keeps me organized and I love it. I particularly like how it gives me reminders and how it integrates with my schedule.

AndreaWindows Phone

I used to be very disorganized. Always missing assignments, forgetting about tests, and almost always forgetting where my classes are. This app has helped me stay on track with exams and assignments.

Jayce ComlyGoogle Play

Love the ui, and the features. The fact that it's free and is not overflowing with adds is awesome.

Ammar MuhammadGoogle Play

Great! I love My Study Life!! It is the most helpful app for students!!

Hannah KingGoogle Play

This app has lots of useful features that normal calendars don't. This helps me organizing tasks and I feel I get much more things done with this app.

高橋渉Google Play

Brilliant 2nd year of uni and wondering how I ever planned anything before this app... It may have just saved my life :D

AnonymousWindows Phone

A very good app, with all of the features needed for a good planner! Recommended for anyone at secondary and above! You can enter tests, assignments and homework. Very well made!

AnonymousWindows 8

You can really depend on this app, store your college to do, time tables and other information. It manages it well and reminds you of tasks due. Great stuff.

Jakub NiemiecGoogle Play

So helpful you'd think you paid for it!

Loren ThomasGoogle Play

If you hate flipping through all your syllabuses to look when assignments or exams are then this is your app.

AnonymousWindows 8

This may sound corny, but this app has changed my school life and I've never been so organized!

Nicholas GerstungGoogle Play

University Life Saver. Helps you not to forget when your next class, assignment or exam is. Once you've mastered how to set your timetable it's amazing to keep you on track.

marcF6iOS App Store

They say there’s an app for everything…and they’re right! We’re a mobile generation, and for all those high school and college students out there, these twenty apps might make this upcoming school year a whole lot easier.

1) inClass

iPhone / Android

This note-taking app is so beyond awesome, I felt ecstatic when I found out about it. Then I felt depressed when I discovered it was only available on iOS. This app keeps track of your courses, plus all your homework and project deadlines, sending out nifty little reminders so you don’t forget. You can even take notes on it and share those notes/other files with your classmates.


2) Google Drive

iPhone / Android

Every single person needs to have this app. It basically contains all the features of Google Drive on your computer, but organizes it in an easy-to-use mobile format. You can share documents with your friends and collaborate on projects; make slideshow presentations; create efficient spreadsheets; and much, much more. (Am I sounding like a solicitor to anyone else?) This is a great tool—especially if you’ve left your homework at home and need to edit or print it out at school. Everything is backed up in the same place.


3) Duolingo

iPhone / Android

For anyone taking a language course, this app is a must-have. It’s the #1 ranked app in “Language Learning” and is fast, free, and completely addictive. You can learn and practice Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English through activities involving voice recognition and an almost video-game-like achievement format. Pretty cool, huh?


4)  The Homework App

iPhone / Android

This app is an awesome way to keep track of your homework in a convenient, visually appealing way. You can color code subjects, add subtasks, and even get help with your homework! If you’re looking for other ways apps can help you out with homework, check out this post from JoyofAndroid about how androids can help with homework!


5) MarginNote Reader Free

iPhone / Android

This app works best if you also have the Evernote app downloaded. You can take fast notes and easily annotate documents and PDF’s. There are also convenient places to make drawings and diagrams and easy ways to organize all your notes into one beautiful, well-organized unit.


6) Power-napping app

iPhone / Android

This is the perfect way to plan your power nap. You can set your power nap to five, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes and customize wake up sounds, wake up graphics, etc. Power naps are scientifically proven to improve productivity, and you sure will need them during any hectic school year…so what are you waiting for? Get this app!


7) iBooks

iPhone / Android

This app has a great range of free eBooks—many of which you’ll need to read for school. The layout is simple and easy-to-use. Unfortunately, it’s also only available on Apple devices, which makes me sad. Sigh.


8) 30/30

iPhone / Android

This no-nonsense task manager is an excellent way to keep yourself organized. It organizes your day into 30-minute sprints of work time and break time with surprising benefits to your productivity.


9) Learnist

iPhone / Android

According to the app description, Learnist is “a crowd-sourced collection of the world’s knowledge, with curated web, text and video content on Learnboards™ covering tens-of-thousands of topics.” This app is really a treasure trove of information, and it’s great for research projects.


10) iFormulas

iPhone / Android

All those formulas that you learn throughout high school can get overwhelming…iFormulas has a bunch of them in one easily accessible place. Perfect for last-minute cramming!

11) Study Blue

iPhone / Android


Everyone needs a flashcard app! StudyBlue is a top flashcard app with a sleek, user-friendly design that allows you to make personalized flash cards and even share them with classmates!


12) AP flashcards

iPhone / Android

Who doesn’t love AP flashcards? This app has flashcards from a variety of AP tests in one convenient place. There are 2900 pre-made flashcards from various AP exams, including Biology, Statistics, English Language/Literature, Statistics, and Government.


13) Magoosh SAT Prep

iPhone / Android

Seriously, I’m being completely unbiased here. I downloaded this app long before I began working for Magoosh, and it helped me so much in the week before my SAT test. It has received excellent reviews on the App Store and contains more than 160 animated lessons with detailed explanation of all SAT concepts. It is also updated for the new SAT. Go get it!

(Magoosh also has an awesome ACT Test Prep App with over 80 free lessons.)


14) Rate My Professors

iPhone / Android

Curious about which classes have the best or worst professors? This app is perfect for checking up thousands of student ratings of university professors all over the country. There are over 6,000 schools, 1,000,000 professors, and 10,000,000 ratings on the app. It’s very convenient, and it really gives you an insider’s perspective on a class.

15) Magoosh ACT Flashcards

iPhone / Android / Web

Another Magoosh app…but it’s great too! This completely FREE ACT flashcard app covers all the English and math knowledge you need to have committed to memory for these sections of the test. The Science flashcards can help you answer those pesky ACT Science questions that require outside science knowledge and also help you get more of a handle on the scientific scenarios on the test in general.


16) Unstuck

iPhone / Android / Web

This app is really cool. According to the website, Unstuck is “an in-the-moment digital coach that’s ready every time we’re feeling stuck.” It asks you a series of questions which helps you become motivated…and, at least for high school students, prevent procrastination! It has helped the leaders of companies like Apple, Starbucks, Nike, and Disney. Check it out!


17) Audible

iPhone / Android

If you’re an auditory learner, this app is perfect for you! Audible offers countless audiobooks—many of which are completely free. It allows you to be more productive while still garnering the benefits of your favorite books. It’s also great if you’re a slow reader. If you listen to an audiobook while reading a physical copy of the text, you’ll find yourself a lot more engaged in the story!


18) Kno Text­books

iPhone / Android

This app has tons of e-textbooks which you can highlight and annotate. Very convenient if you don’t want to lug around your school textbooks all day—and even more convenient because you can synchronize content throughout multiple devices, share notes with classmates, and add media.


19) Studious

iPhone / Android

Studious not only silences your phone during class (we all know the feeling…), but also saves notes and reminds you of homework due dates and test days. It’s kind of like the inClass app, but for Android.

20) Sparknotes

iPhone / Android


Admit it—you couldn’t survive without Sparknotes. Thank God there’s an app for it! The Sparknotes app isn’t on the Apple Store anymore for some reason, but for all Android users, it can certainly be a lifesaver. It comes with fifty pre-loaded study guides and hundreds more available with internet access.


About Maddi Lee

Maddi is currently a high school junior in southern California. She is an avid freelance writer and has been featured in multiple literary publications and anthologies. When she isn't writing, she loves traveling, doodling, and most of all, sleeping. Through her own experience and passion, she hopes to help guide fellow students through the roller coaster that is SAT and college admissions...that is, as long as she survives the journey herself!

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